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Happy Tails: This Pit Bull changes people’s minds


It’s hard to get a good photo of a black dog like Frankie, and at the shelter, they tend to disappear into the shadows and potential adopters pass right by. That, and the fact that he is a Pit Bull, worked against his getting adopted, and he was at Alabama SPCA in Tuscaloosa for two years after being picked up as a stray. Finally the right person noticed the now-approximately-three-year-old on Petfinder.

Frankie is as sweet as he is cute.

Frankie is as sweet as he is cute.

“I can’t really pinpoint what made me choose him,” says Becca Overstreet of Cullman, AL. “He met the criteria I was looking for — good with kids, cats and other dogs — and he was beautiful.” He was a good choice because she couldn’t have found a sweeter companion.

“His favorite two things in the whole world are giving kisses and cuddling,” she says. “He will kiss anyone or anything anywhere at any time. He loves to play but when it’s time to lie down, he cuddles up and goes to sleep. It’s almost as if he can’t get close enough. He even sleeps nose to nose with me. He loves to be held like a baby and for me to sing to him and massage his chest.” Lucky for him, she’s a massage therapist and has just the right touch.

“He is obsessed with any kind of ball,” she says. “We had a park day with one of my girlfriends and her kids at one of the basketball courts a while back, and he had to join in. The kids were [shooting baskets] and Frankie caught the ball on a bounce, stood over it and started trying to fit it in his mouth.”

Pit Bulls have a bad reputation, but Becca says, “I believe the owner makes the dog bad.” People who know Frankie would agree. He’s changing minds about Pit Bulls. He loves everyone, and they love him back.

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