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Part 1 of 3: Joining Petfinder.com

Why should your shelter or adoption group join Petfinder?

Thank you for registering as Petfinder member organization! Please review the following information with your organization's board, director or senior animal control officer and complete the registration form below. Applications will usually be processed and reviewed within a week of being received. Applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of your form and paperwork via email and you may be asked for additional information.

Petfinder is a strong community of homeless animal adoption shelters and rescue groups. The cumulative effect of this community has become a powerful, enabling force in the world of animal rescue. Shelters and adoption group members have reported that more than 40% of their adoptions are from Petfinder (Source: 2014 Petfinder Member Annual Survey).

Members also report that pets adopted via Petfinder are returned less often. For many organizations, this makes Petfinder THE MOST effective advertising medium. Since it is FREE, it is certainly the most valuable.

Petfinder membership allows you to post your adoptable animals in our highly popular searchable database and you will have access to exclusive resources and benefits available only to Petfinder members.

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