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Part 1 of 2: Joining Petfinder.com

Why should your shelter or rescue group join Petfinder?

Please review the following information with your organization's board, director or chief animal control officer and complete the registration form below. Applications will usually be processed and reviewed within two working days. Applicants will receive confirmation via email.

Petfinder is a community of homeless animal adoption shelters and rescue groups. The cumulative effect of this community has become a powerful, enabling force in the world of animal rescue. Shelters and rescue group members have reported that more than 60% of their adoptions are from Petfinder.

Members also report that pets adopted via Petfinder are returned less often. For many organizations, this makes Petfinder THE MOST effective advertising medium. Since it is FREE, it is certainly the most valuable.

Petfinder membership allows you to post your adoptable animals in our highly popular searchable database. You will have a Home Page dedicated to your organization and be able to take part in all the great opportunities available only to Petfinder members, such as our FurKeeps program. FurKeeps offers your group the opportunity for free microchips, affordable pet health insurance for your adopters and $0.99 dog and cat training DVDs - all geared toward helping your pets stay in their new homes.

"All I can say is that you are the best thing that ever happened to homeless animals! As far I am concerned, you guys ROCK!!! Without you I would never have been able to save and place as many as I have!"

Robyn Urman
Pet ResQ Inc., NJ173

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