7 Most Popular Dog Videos on YouTube

Lights, cameras, woof! Watch the dog videos YouTube viewers think are pawsitively the best!

If you ever need proof that dogs possess unique and interesting personalities, look no further than YouTube. The site is filled with videos of dogs and puppies in both mundane and fantastic situations. Some of the best dog videos feature regular pooches in normal households, which makes them all the more endearing.


1. Bacon Lover

Ultimate Dog Tease

Talking dog videos have grown increasingly popular on YouTube, which might explain why this vid has more than 100 million hits. A man and a German shepherd have a brief but entertaining conversation about – of all things – bacon. Hits: 112.5 million 


2. I Love You

Husky Dog Talking - " I love you "

Speaking of talking dog videos, Mishka the husky seems capable of returning her owners’ affections. The people behind the camera tell their dog repeatedly that they love her, and the pup responds in kind. Hits: 75.2 million 


3. Canine Interrogation

Denver Official Guilty Dog Video www.facebook.com/guiltydog

An owner comes home to discover that someone has gotten into the cat treats. After a brief interrogation, it is discovered that the yellow lab is the culprit. The guilty party is then banished to his puppy-crate prison until official sentencing. Hits: 19.2 million


4. Woof Me … Maybe?

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe - Corgi Rae - Pet Parody

Check out The Pet Collective’s Corgi Rae Jepson as she covers Carly’s hit “Call Me Maybe.” The ending might surprise you. Hits: 2.5 million


5. Who Did It?

who did it

Committing the perfect crime is harder than you may think. Who is guilty of this one? The culprit might seem obvious, but we suspect a set up. After all, the evidence is circumstantial at best. Hits: 54K


6. Skateboarding Bulldog

Skateboarding Dog

Anyone can put his dog on a skateboard and send him coasting down the driveway, but this bulldog is a little different. For one thing, he starts and stops all by himself. And, of course, he pauses to chew and slobber on the board in between takes. Hits: 19.7 million

Photo Credit: Flickr