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Happy Tail: This Cocker Spaniel brightens her world


Kelsea Weber’s mom has been battling cancer for about 16 years, and her Cocker Spaniel, Sassy, was always there for her, night and day. Then Sassy suffered kidney failure and passed away. The family mourned the loss.

Josephina Weber

Read the story in Kelsea’s words.

Kelsea, who lives in Cherryville, PA, felt it was urgent that she find another canine companion for her mom, so she looked on the Friends of Pep Border Collie Rescue‘s Petfinder list and emailed the rescue, which is located in Gouldsboro, PA, about a Cocker Spaniel named Blondie. Unfortunately, the dog had already been adopted.

“The lady there told me she had a puppy 10 months old that was scared of men, but very lovable,” Kelsea says. She talked to her mom about the dog, but her mom didn’t want a puppy, so they kept looking. The rescue worker must have had a feeling about Kelsea, though, because she emailed her twice again. Kelsea began thinking maybe this was the puppy for them and they should at least meet her.

“I packed up my mom’s oxygen and away we went,” she says. “We also brought my Puggle, Bentley, to make sure they would get along.”

The rescue lady must have sensed something because this looked like a match from the moment Josephina, Josie for short, saw the family. “She jumped in my mom’s arms and wanted to snuggle,” Kelsea says. The pup also loved Bentley, and they lay on the floor playing. She had already been microchipped and spayed and had all her shots, so they took her home with them that day.

And as for being afraid of men? “When my dad came up she ran right to him and wanted to be held for the first time meeting him.

“About three months after we adopted her my mom went back into the hospital. She’s been in ever since, but Josie loves going to visit her and she loves seeing everyone else there,” Kelsea says. The patients love seeing her, too.

Josie has bonded firmly with the entire family, including their cat. “If the cat is up to no good, Josie will put a stop to it by giving her a little bark, as if to say, ‘No,'” Kelsea says.

Had it not been for a persistent rescue person, Josie might not have had a wonderful family. Sometimes it does seem things work out for the very best.

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