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Happy Tail: Day camp was the perfect solution


Joanna Weir of Simpsonville, SC, is in a committed relationship — with her dog, Maggie. “She is perfect in every way, from her brilliance to her sense of adventure to her perfected potty training,” her proud “mom” says. It wasn’t always so.

Maggie Weir

Read the story in Joanna’s words.

She adopted Maggie when the pooch was six months old. Pet Tender Angels, Greenville, SC, had listed her on Petfinder.  The pup’s extreme shyness suggested that before she was taken in by the rescue group, she had been mistreated. The result was that she either cowered at strangers or acted aggressive — neither one an appealing trait. (She also ate through Joanna’s couch — not so appealing either.)

But Joanna persevered, giving the little dog every benefit of a doubt and a heaping helping of love and affection to boot. And the solution came.

“We discovered Doggy Day Camp at PetSmart,” Joanna says, “and she began to come out of her shell! She was happiest with other dogs and grew to love the staff.” The socialization with other dogs really made a difference for Maggie.

She has been in Joanna’s life for five years now and is comfortable not only with dogs but people as well. She has even, as the picture shows, befriended the latest addition to the family, a cat who has adopted them.  It’s so fortunate that Joanna didn’t give up on Maggie.

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