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Happy Tail: A “you guess it” pup charms her new mom


When Linda Vandiver’s old blind and deaf dog died, the Paris, TX, woman decided not to get another pooch. That decision lasted five years . Then semi-retired, Linda realized she missed having a pet around the house. She began to browse on Petfinder and up popped Karlee’s photo.

Karlee posing

Read Karlee’s story in Linda’s words.

The pup had been found roaming the streets of Broken Bow, OK, with her mom and two siblings. Animal Rescue and Kare of McCurtain County rescued the puppies, but was never able to catch the mom. The pups were placed in a foster home.

The shelter folks thought she was a Jack Russell Terrier. Given how much she has grown, the vet now thinks she has at least five different breeds in her ancestry. Linda says she is a “‘you guess it’ mix with some terrier.”

Whatever Karlee is, she has blossomed in Linda’s care. “She is the most playful dog I have ever had. She never growls, except when she is playing with one of her toys. I can literally take a treat out of her mouth and she just looks at me.”

The dog’s easygoing personality doesn’t just shine around her “mom.” “When Karlee was younger, I bought her some small Frisbees, which she would shove under the fence to ‘share’ with Maggie,” the neighbor’s yellow Lab, Linda says. In her obedience classes Karlee “did very well until a new person would walk up. She thought everyone came to the store to see her.”

She now weighs a hefty 35 pounds but still thinks she is a lapdog. When Linda sits in her recliner, watching television or using her laptop, Karlee is quick to join her. “I have a cordless keyboard, which I operate by placing it on her back while she sleeps in my lap.”

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