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5 Great Cat and Dog Hobbies & Activites


What are your favorite activities to enjoy with your pets? Discover some new ones or share some ideas!

Luckily for us pet owners, many pastimes are even better with our beloved pets around. Here are five prime examples of some popular hobbies for pet owners to enjoy.



Pets love spending time outdoors with you, so they make perfect gardening companions. Take your dog with you the next time you’re planting, transplanting, or weeding. If she tries to “help” you by digging up your freshly planted tulips, don’t scold her. Just direct her to an area where she can dig without harming your plants.



If you enjoy outdoor adventures, take your dog along for a hike. They love to take invigorating hikes and long walks to burn excess energy. Why should dogs get to have all the fun? You can teach your cat how to walk on a leash so she can join you, too.


Knitting or Crocheting

Not one for the great outdoors? Don’t worry! Your pet will love taking up an indoor hobby with you, such as knitting or crocheting. Cats in particular are drawn to balls of yarn, but it can be a choking hazard, so don’t let them play with it! Your pooch will be more than happy to curl up by your side as you knit him a sweater.



Pets love being the center of attention. That’s why your dog or cat will love being the subject of your many photographs. You can also take your pet with you to new locations and sites to photograph. Try taking a shot of your dog or cat in a new locale every day. You’ll expand your photography skills and bond with your pet.



Of these hobbies for pet owners, birding — also called bird watching — might be the most exciting. If you prefer to gaze out the window in your pajamas, cats are your natural bird-watching companions. If you prefer to be outdoors, you can also train your dog to stay quiet and still as you observe and track down new bird species. Just keep him close so he doesn’t disturb the birds!

It’s never too late to choose a new hobby. What are your favorite hobbies to do with your pets? Tell us all about them in the comments!



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