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Teddybear Dog

Note: While the breeds in this collection tend to be Teddy Bear Dogs, individual pets will vary.  Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet.

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Teddy bear dog breeds possess adorable charisma, and their teddy-like nature is delightful. Some teddy bear dogs are purebred, like the Toy Poodle and the Shih Tzu, while other teddy bear dogs are mixed-breeds, like the Zuchon, the Cavapoo, and the Maltipoo.

Characteristics may vary, especially amongst mixed-breeds. Mixed-breed dogs may take after one of their parents, or they may be a blend of features from both of their parent's breeds. The common characteristic of all teddy bear dogs is that they are all heart-warming.

Teddy bear dog breeds have huge personalities, and they also love to play and cuddle with their pet parents. Most teddy bear dogs may live around twelve to sixteen years. However, teddy bear dog breeds have health concerns specific to their background that pet parents shouldn't overlook.


What Should I Know about Teddy Bear Dog Breeds?


Common Teddy Bear Dog Characteristics
- Friendly Demeanor
- Enjoys Cuddling and Affection
- Sweet and Mild Tempered
- Enthusiastic to Please
- Easy-to-train
- 'Low-Shedding'
- Intelligent


Teddy bear breeds may potentially suffer from dog separation issues. Being left alone may lead to problem behaviors if a dog turns destructive out of anxiety. For this reason, crate training may be practical for these breeds. Also, reward-based training techniques can help to correct unwanted behavior and help your dog feel more at ease.

Avoid inadvertent injury to your dog by avoiding sleeping alongside toy and small breed dogs and take extra care when they’re around. Smaller dog breeds are often better around older kids, and in homes where someone is home often. Overall, teddy bear dog breeds have exercise requirements, and daily walks and playtimes are essential to help keep them healthy and happy.

Teddy bear dog breeds are particularly smart. With their intellect, they may often enjoy the mental stimulation of training or learning new tricks. These brilliant dog breeds invoke a beautiful connection in their pet parents as a result of their loyalty and camaraderie.


What is a Teddy Bear Dog? FAQ's


QUESTION: What is a teddy bear dog breed?

ANSWER: The teddy bear dog breed can encompass mixed-breeds and purebreds. A teddy bear dog features fluffy hair, which endows them with the cuddly appearance of a teddy bear. Some of these teddy bear dog breeds have been around since the late 1990s.


QUESTION: Do teddy bear dogs shed?

ANSWER: Most teddy bear dog breeds occur as a result of a mix between two 'low-shedding' dogs. While these hybrid dog breeds may still produce small amounts of dander, they carry a decreased potential to shed. Some teddy bear dog breeds may be suitable for pet parents with allergies. Yet, a pet parent with allergies looking to adopt should first spend time with the animal to see whether they're a good fit for their allergies.

The hair and dander of each teddy bear breed vary. For the most part, teddy-bear dog breeds are 'low-shedding.' A Poodle or a Poodle mix may be suitable for pet parents with allergies because they’re 'low-shedding' dogs. As a result, Poodle mixes and Poodles are both excellent service companions for allergy sufferers.


QUESTION: Do teddy bear dogs bark a lot?

ANSWER: A dog suffering from separation anxiety is prone to bark. Pet parents can avoid separation anxiety by crate training, sticking to regular routines, playing the radio while they're gone, and gradually increasing absence time.

If a dog barks excessively, and how often they do, depends on several factors. Criteria affecting a dog barking stems from their breed mix, behavior training, socialization opportunities, and whether positive reinforcements are in use.


What are Teddy Bear Dog Rescue Groups?


Potential pet parents interested in adopting a teddy bear dog breed consider the following.

1.) Check out local teddy bear dog rescues, specific to the dog breed you’re interested in adopting.

2.) Browse through Petfinder and search tens of thousands of animal rescue shelters nationwide. You may not find a teddy bear dog, but many beautiful dogs are looking for a home.

3.) Consider what traits of a breed or breed blend are essential to you, such as energy level or personality type.

4.) Contact a local animal shelter or rescue group and discover your pet match.

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