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Happy Tail: It was about time for Oakley


Oakley is everything someone could want in a friend, all wrapped up in a small furry dog body.

Oakley shows her enthusiasm for life.

Oakley shows her enthusiasm for life.

“She is loyal, happy, energetic, sweet and silly,” says Alex Davison of Wichita Falls, Texas. She and her husband, Drew, adopted the Pomeranian/Shetland Sheepdog mix from the Humane Society of Wichita County after a family had adopted and then returned the eight-month-old puppy because the son thought she was too shy. That family doesn’t know what they missed.

“She is one of the most special animals I have ever seen,” Alex says. “She knows all my sounds and warnings, understands when anyone is upset. She is a great listener, and jumps for joy when you walk through the door.”

She was timid and nervous at first, but Alex and Drew saw beyond that. In fact, they knew they wanted her when they saw her on Petfinder. “What drew us to her was her outer appearance at first, but upon meeting her, she was very comfortable with me, which really sealed the deal!” Alex says.

When the Davisons brought her home, “she cased the house, determined her spaces (which is everywhere now) and warmed up very quickly,” Alex recalls. It didn’t take her long to realize that she could trust Alex and Drew and then, by extension, people to whom they introduced her. Today, she is a different dog, very outgoing.

Her world has expanded. She likes to play fetch and knows all the basic dog skills, like sit, stay and roll over, but flips and kisses-on-request are part of her repertoire as well. She also enjoys hiking with Alex and Drew and “chases bugs and hops through tall grass like a pro grasshopper,” Alex says

The Davisons count themselves lucky that they saw her on Petfinder, that the first family had returned her and that she was available when they got to the shelter. Timing is everything.

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