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Happy Tail: Long drive was no deterrent to this adopter


Devastated is how Kimberly Logan felt when her dog, Scrappy, died suddenly. About a year passed before she felt it was time to adopt another. She began searching on Petfinder. She browsed on the site for a few weeks, but when she saw Lemmy, the search was over.

“He had this look in his eye, and I knew he was the one,” she says.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t nearby. Kimberly lives in Peoria, AZ, and Lemmy was at Apple Valley Animal Services in California, where he had been dropped off as a baby after he was found wandering the streets with his sibling. The shelter was over five hours from Peoria, but that doesn’t seem all that far when fate seems to be your guide. Kimberly and her friend, Maggie, set off for Apple Valley.

Lemmy (right) has woofed down his pupachino before Buddy has finished.

Lemmy (right) has woofed down his pupuccino before Buddy has finished.

Just as Kimberly sensed that Lemmy was the one, it seemed he knew she was the one as well. He rode on her lap all the way to his new home. “He has been a good boy from Day 1,” she says, “and loved his new home right away.”

Life for Lemmy is very different than life on the streets or in the shelter. Kimberly takes him to the dog park, where he has lots of friends. “He makes his rounds, saying hello to everyone, both human and canine. I think he actually smiles,” Kimberly says. And he’s bound to be smiling when they stop at his favorite “watering hole” for a pupuccino (whipped cream and dog biscuits).

In November, Lemmy welcomed a new four-legger to the family – Buddy – who was rescued from the side of a busy street.

“You never know were you will find your new forever pet, whether it be in the street or a shelter,” Kimberly says. “They know when you save them, and sometimes they actually save you.”

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