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Happy Tail: Kyser blossoms through new experiences


Gary and Vickie Burch’s Shepherd/Chow mix, Hollie, had passed away at 13, and the loss was hard to get over. After a few months, they thought perhaps adopting another four-legged friend would help with the grief.

Vickie’s friend Becky is a volunteer at the Corona [CA] Animal Shelter and she posted a video of a seven-year-old German Shepherd on the shelter’s Petfinder website. The description pleaded for someone to adopt the dog because his time at the open-admission shelter, where space was at a premium, was about up.

Kyser Burch

Kyser enjoys a gallop on a snow-packed trail.

“I took one look at him and told my husband, Gary, that he was ours, and we needed to go get him,” Vickie says. “Gary agreed.” And so the next day, the Alta Loma, CA, woman went to the shelter on her lunch hour and adopted the dog, whom the couple named Kyser.

Kyser fit into the family smoothly, bonding with their other male Shepherd, Roger, on a weekend outing.

It’s always fun to introduce a dog to new experiences and watch him or her blossom, and as it turned out, Kyser had lots to learn – with Roger’s help – “like how to walk on the leash, hike, swim in the lake, jump into the back seat of the truck and play in the snow. He took it all in stride and excelled in learning his new skills,” Vickie reports.

When she compares his shelter picture to the one they took of him running in the snow, she feels very content that adopting Kyser was a good thing. He’s one happy pooch.

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