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Happy Tail: Rat Terrier has a date with destiny


Sometimes if seems as if something magical happens when a person spots that special pet on Petfinder. It’s almost as if destiny is stepping in to perform a match. It felt that way to Kaili Baskers of Kalamazoo, MI, when she saw Tiana, then named Ginny Weasley, on Kalamazoo Animal Rescue‘s listings.

She adopted the kitty, but then began to fret. “”Not only was I worried about Tiana being lonely when I went to work, but I also knew there was a special puppy out there who needed to be loved and appreciated just as much as Tiana,” Kaili says.

Chloe, a rat-terrier mix

Read the story in Kaili’s words.

She began searching on Petfinder and found an adorable Rat-Terrier mix listed by New Rattitude, a foster-based national rat terrier and rat-terrier mix rescue group. This particular pup named Camden was in a foster home in Lansing, Mich.

“I fell in love and knew I had to have her, so I filled out an application right away,” she says. The instant attraction felt like destiny, so Kaili was disheartened when she learned the puppy had already been spoken for by another family.

She continued her search, but none of the pets she looked at appealed to her the way Camden had.

“This actually turned out to be a good thing,” she says, “because a month later, I received an email [from New Rattitude] saying that things didn’t work out for the puppy, and they wanted to know if I was still interested. Of course I was!” Destiny was knocking on the door.

She adopted the puppy and re-named her Chloe. Now Tiana has a pal when Kaili goes to work, and the kitty and dog get along well.

The pets both got their second chances — but so did Kaili, when the rescue called her about Chloe. “Destiny” seems to have worked everything out for the best.

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