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Happy Tail: Cane Corso inspires couple to foster


Tank’s family didn’t want him any more, so they relinquished him to an open-admission shelter. The fact that he was a Cane Corso, a widely discriminated against “bully” breed, meant that he stood a good chance of being euthanized. Fortunately, Almost Home Animal Sanctuary in Limekiln, PA, took him in.

Nadara Miksch (Dee) and Andy Taylor Jr., of Allentown, PA, were about to buy their first house and wanted a dog to make it a home. They met Tank at the shelter after seeing him on Petfinder. “He immediately ran into my fiancé … and sat down in front of us,” Nadara says. “He looked at us and then at the door, and we knew he was ready to leave with us.”

Trooper and Tank, two Cane Corsos

Read the story in Nadara’s word about Tank, on the right, and Trooper.

As it turned out, they were unable to close on their house for three weeks and where they were living didn’t allow pets. So they drove three times a week for over an hour to visit him. “We developed an amazing relationship and trust with him … He never whined or cried, as if he knew we would be back,” Dee says. The moment they brought him to his new home, he ran in and curled up on the sofa.

Three months later the sanctuary called Dee with a sad story. A Cane Corso had been found in Philadelphia as a stray. Embedded in his ears was fishing line that had been used to crop them.

One meeting with Tank was all it took for the couple to accept this emaciated puppy into their family. “We named him Trooper,” Dee says. “Tank trained him for us, showing him what to do in a loving home.”

The couple has started fostering dogs for the sanctuary. “We have helped nine others so far until their adoption times came,” Dee says. She and Andy are paying their love forward.

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