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Happy Tail: Old Basset mix gets new start


Sarah Willis’s heart is in the right place. She knew that adult dogs stand less chance of being adopted than puppies, so that’s who she set out to adopt. “I used to work in a shelter and knew that any older dog in one was in urgent need of help,” she says.

Larry the Basset mix

Read Larry’s story in Sarah’s words.

One dog listed on Petfinder by Clay County Animal Care & Control, in Green Cove Springs, FL, caught her attention. She had a weakness for scruffy little dogs, and “he was a short, long guy with wild looking fur,” Sarah says, a Basset mix named Larry. The next day she headed from her home in Gainesville to meet the little fellow.

Once in Gainesville, she got lost and called the shelter for directions only to learn that it was closed on Mondays. Her heart fell. Her trip to get Larry seemed to have reached a deadend. During the conversation, however, she mentioned to the person on the line that she was interested in Larry and her interest in an older dog softened the policy immediately. She was encouraged to come on to the shelter.

“I visited with Larry for about 15 minutes and decided that he had to be my new best friend,” she says. “He had been surrendered with the vague reason of “allergies,” and though he had to go through some time in a shelter, Sarah’s so glad he was there when she was ready to adopt because as she puts it, he is “the coolest dog ever.” He has been in his forever home for three years now.

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