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The importance of pet identification


While driving on a back road a couple of weeks ago, I came across a stray dog running down the shoulder of the road. I pulled over, grabbed a leash and approached her. She was skiddish and didn’t know where she was, so I moved slowly. Eventually I was able to slip the lead over her head. She balked for a moment, then appeared to be relieved she was done running.

dog sitting on the kitchen floor

Bertie was so happy to be home!

Thanks to the identification on her collar, I was able to drive her right back to her house, which was well over a mile away. Without the visible identification, I would have had to bring her to a veterinarians office or shelter to be scanned for a microchip. Every pet should have a microchip to ensure they can always be identified. Even though collars can come off, there is a good chance they will stay on and the attached tag can help get your pet home faster. Any time an animal avoids a stressful stop at a shelter before going home, it’s a good day. Bertie’s collar ensured I was able to get her back home to her family as quickly as possible, and they could not have been happier to welcome her home. Using a collar with tags in addition to a microchip just further ensures your pets well-being. If you lose your dog, please visit this article for tips.


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