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Happy Tail: A Shih Tzu helps a woman cope with anxiety


Jamie Carlson wanted to rescue a dog and, in doing so, perhaps rescue herself as well. She suffers from gluten sensitivity, which, she says, often goes hand-in-hand with anxiety. She thought a cuddly, four-legged companion might help her cope with the distress.

Wookie, a Shih-tzu mix

Read Wookie’s story in Jamie’s own words.

She logged onto Petfinder and happened upon a Shih Tzu mix named Wookie, listed by All Terrier Rescue in Aloha, OR. She contacted the shelter.

“The agency was amazing,” she says. “They let us foster him for two weeks before adoption to see if he was the right fit.”

It turned out he was the perfect match. “He’s really changed my life and gives me something to look forward to each day,” she says. It’s a change for the better for both Jamie and Wookie.

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