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Happy Tail: Former Texas dog is a now a sourdough


Norse the dog needed a buddy, and Sue Goodglick and Tom Page of Anchorage first looked at Alaska SPCA. They hoped to find a dog close to home, but none of them seemed to click as a pal for Norse.

Odin's happy tail

Read the story in Odin’s “own words.”

So they expanded their search by turning to Petfinder. They typed in their breed choice,Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, and found there were about 25 to 35 listed on Petfinder at any given time, but because the couple lives in Alaska, they knew the odds of finding a shelter who would adopt to someone so far away might be slim.

When they saw Bailey, he reminded them so much of their beloved late dog, Krumps, that they contacted Collin County Humane Society in McKinney, Texas, which had listed Bailey — and crossed their fingers.

Sue and Tom had to know more about Bailey’s personality, of course. Would he get along with Norse? “Since we already had another dog,” Sue says, “there was some concern introducing a new dog none of us had personally met into the household.”

Emails and phone calls went back and forth. The dog’s foster mom and the adopters finally concluded it would be a good match.

“They were willing to send Bailey up to us with the understanding that if things didn’t work out, we would have to return him to Texas at our own expense,” Sue says. “We were asked for references, of which we could provide excellent ones. We were professional caretakers of a homestead and three dogs for multiple winters, volunteered at two local animal rescues, and provided the contact to our vet (who often has to talk us out of procedures that overly concerned dog parents sometimes suggest). ”

Collin Country Humane coordinated the travel and put Bailey (soon to be renamed Odin) on a jet headed north.

The match was indeed a good one. The dogs play well together and “have full house, couch and bed privileges,” according to Odin’s “own words.”

Odin’s gone from being a Lone Star cowboy to an Alaskan sourdough – and he’s loving it.

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