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A dog to even the score? A cat to balance things out?


I’ve spent a lot of time with dogs recently. Far more that I usually do, because we’re a cat family. In fact, we have 3 cats in total: Bea is a 14-year-old Birman (before we understood the need and responsibility of adopting not shopping) and my avatar, and Finn and Zara our two latest additions (thanks to SPCA -Eastern Shore who are wonderful!), but more on them in future posts). But it struck me that cats and dogs are part of a great and important series of complete sets in life: The Yin and Yang of Taoism, Chalk and Cheese (might not translate from UK English without this), even Men (from Mars), and Women (from Venus).

chocolate lab

This pup converted our whole family!

Dogs and Cats. Cats and Dogs. They go together.

They’re one of the great classifications in life. Dog person. Cat person. So why do people so often classify themselves as exclusively one or the other? (To see how many of you classified yourselves, check out the results of our informal survey about Dogs vs Cats!)

Plenty of people have given loving homes to both dogs and cats. Some even at the same time and it can be a beautiful thing (or an entertaining thing at least)! My sister shocked our whole family (all ‘cat people’) a few years back, when she added a dog to her family.

Caused all of us to stop and think, and when we spent time with the lovable chap to stop thinking of ourselves as ‘cat people’. All our concerns about giving a home to the opposite species started to fade, and once we’d started researching the logistics of being a cat and dog home, we became ‘cat and dog people’,  and started calling ourselves  ‘pet muggles’.

So, spending more time with dogs recently reminded me of this change in perspective and I have a strange  feeling that adopting a dog will be in our family’s future.

But with Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month running throughout October, if you’re a cat person, why not consider the unthinkable — becoming a ‘pet muggle’ this Fall.

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