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Happy Tail: A little Chihuahua-Dachshund mix entertains her new family


Sue Mechanic, from Kansas City, MO, had been grieving over the death of her Dachshund, Morsel, for several months when she saw the eight-week old puppy, then named Chaco, on Petfinder. The pup was close to death when she was rescued by OKADOPTADOG in Harrah, OK. She looked to be part Chihuahua and part Dachshund. Her story and photo touched Sue’s heart, so she and her partner traveled five hours toward an impending snowstorm to adopt the little pup.

At the first meeting, it was an instant match. “She actually leapt into my arms from the arms of the woman who had been fostering her,” Sue recalls.

“We named her Penny, but after her ears grew to an enormous size, her nose grew into a Dachshund nose, and her legs grew long and ‘spidery’ we decided she was a Chiweenie mixed with a kangaroo baby and started calling her PennyRoo.”

She has her own style. “She doesn’t walk up stairs like most dogs,” Sue says. “She walks up with each leg moving independently. It is so funny to watch. She leaps out of her potty area when returning to the house and she can leap halfway across the living room and make it to the top of the back of the sofa.” That spot affords her a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood from the window so she can see what’s going on.

“Every day we pick up her toys and put them in her toy basket,” Sue says. “When we are in the living room, she makes a show of picking out two or three toys. We sing a song we call ‘PennyRoo is shopping.'”

PennyRoo likes to be part of everything. When Sue eats in front of the television, PennyRoo goes to the kitchen, fills her mouth with kibble and brings it back and drops it onto the rug. Then she settles down to eat it.

Her antics provide entertainment for her family, and she has won their hearts completely. “I’ve never looked back,” Sue says. And neither has PennyRoo.

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