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Happy Tail: An abandoned, skinny German Shepherd finds a family


It didn’t take Rita Sears long to realize Trigger was the dog for her. The Eaton Rapids, MI, woman saw him just one day after he was posted on Petfinder by South Bend Animal Care and Control in Indiana.


Read Trigger’s story in Rita’s words.

“I contacted the shelter on the phone and later that day was on the road to a whole other state to adopt this wonderful guy,” she says.

Trigger would call the Sears’ family wonderful, too. He had been found in an abandoned house by an animal control officer and weighed a mere 66 pounds, had fleas and hip problems that caused him pain when he walked any distance. The officer turned him over to the shelter so the staff could find him a loving home.

“Today Trigger is a happy and healthy 85 lbs.,” Rita says, “and can go
for a five-mile run and want to keep going and has no hip problems to be

It must be the magic of love.

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