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VIDEO: A mama dog is rescued after being trapped beneath a street for days


In a story and video that’s gone viral, a mother dog in Cleveland was rescued from beneath a street where she’d been trapped for days after apparently crawling into a deep pothole. (Read the original story on Cleveland’s Fox 8 News website.)


Mama Dog was rescued after spending two days underground.

The dog was rescued by local adoption group and Petfinder member Secondhand Mutts, whose volunteers have since taken her to the vet and are seeking a foster or forever home for her. Check out Mama Dog’s Petfinder listing, and read more about her rescue, here.

We spoke to Secondhand Mutts president and founder Becca Riker, who first learned about Mama’s predicament via a Facebook posting on Friday.

“We’d been getting a lot of rain,” she tells
us, and the rescue group’s volunteers were worried Mama and her eight puppies would drown.

They headed to the scene immediately and, although the pothole was too small for the volunteers to fit through, one was able to coax the dog toward him using wet food and cat treats, slip a lead around her neck and gently pull her to safety.

cleveland dog rescue

See Mama Dog‘s adoptable-pet listing (and read more about her amazing rescue) on Petfinder.

According to Mama Dog’s Petfinder listing, “We then took our camera to the hole to get an idea of where the puppies
were so we could attempt to recover them. We were very saddened to find
them all buried by Mama Dog, a natural instinct for a mother whose
puppies are in distress, so we were unable to save them.”

Riker suspects the sweet Lab/Shepherd mix was until recently someone’s pet. “Some people were saying she’d been kicked out of a house nearby because she was pregnant,” she tells us.

Secondhand Mutts is hoping to find a true forever home for Mama
Dog, whom the group says “is very good with people,
shows no aggression or fear and we believe
would be good with a family with kids. She is snuggly, loveable and
knows some basic commands.”

Best of all, Mama Dog is being spayed today so she’ll never have to go through this ordeal again. “Sending the spay/neuter message is so important,” Riker says. “It’s really the key to Mama Dog’s whole story.”

Tell us: Have you ever helped a stray dog?

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