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Happy Tail: Calico cat purrs a love song


The year has been a sad one for Dina Andrade. Her soul mate of over 20 years, James, had lung cancer and in March, surrounded by family, he passed away. “Soon after, as our family all left to return to their homes, Colin Doggie and I found ourselves alone in what was once our lively, happy home,” Dina says.

The Taunton, MA, woman began to notice that whenever Colin Doggie was left home alone, he began to experience separation anxiety. She worried that adopting another dog might be a mistake because of Doggie’s extreme attachment to her.

Jazzy Kitty has helped Dina and Colin Doggie heal.

Jazzy Kitty has helped Dina and Doggie heal.

Maybe a cat, she thought. She began looking on Petfinder and decided to visit Taunton Animal Shelter where she had adopted Doggie, who is a Chihuahua mix, six years ago. They didn’t have any kittens, which she took as a good sign that people were neutering and spaying their pets, but she was disappointed that there wasn’t a kitten to adopt.

“As I stopped to chat with a worker,” Dina says, “I spotted Jazzy labeled on a little calico’s cage. James was a magnificent guitarist; it seemed like Jazzy was waiting to meet me.”

Jazzy had been brought to the shelter as a stray and was very timid. Dina reached out to her, and Jazzy rolled over and offered her belly for some rubs. But after a few strokes, the cat grew fearful and took refuge in her litter box. Dina persisted. “I rubbed the side of her face gently and asked her if she’d like to be our little kitty, and she softly meowed yes.”

Jazzy Kitty stayed in her carrier for hours in her new home. Colin Doggie wanted to meet her, but Jazzy was having none of that.

“She became a feral, snarling, spitting kitty,” Dina says. “It was over two weeks before she had the nerve to venture outside the bedroom; all this time Doggie was showing her his best tricks through the gate in the doorway, even rolling a ball or two at the gate to entice his new kitty to play.”

Then, a month and a half later, “Kitty took her big leap of faith” Dina said. “She came over to bestow a headbutt to my legs that morning and, after some scruffs behind her ears, she surprised me by leaping into my lap for better loving, kneading as she purred me a love song.”

It was beautiful music to Dina — and to Colin Doggie, too.

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