Nerdiest. Cat Names. Ever.

Girl holding a cat

Nerdy monikers make for some funny cat names. Consider these choices when naming your nerdy cat!

There's no denying it. Nerdiness is very in. So why not consider some funny cat names to reflect your cat's — and your own — inner nerd?

Whether you and your cat are just a little bit nerdy or totally off the deep end, geeky monikers make for some awesome and interesting pet names.

Throwback Nerd

Traditional names that seem antiquated make for some very funny cat names. Here are some old-fashioned ones:

Poindexter: The ultimate old-school nerd name.

Sheldon: The perfect name for your brainy feline sidekick.

Milton: This name is so nerdy it's almost cool.

Cornelius: A nerdy name that hearkens all the way back to the Roman era.

Gertrude: If your kitty reminds you of your great aunt, you can call her Gertie for short!

Myrtle: For a cuddly cat, this name fits like a cozy old sweater.


Tribute Nerd

Whether you're a Trekkie, a Jedi, or in a completely different dimension, let your cat's name reflect your nerdy passion.

Zelda: This video game-inspired name makes a great cat name — especially if your kitty is "legendary."

Boba: The Star Wars universe is bursting with great nerd names like this one.

Uhura: A great name for a classic Trekkie. Or, for those Next Generation fans, try Worf for the cat with some inner Klingon.

Tardis: If your cat seems to transcend space and time, why not give her a Dr. Who moniker?

Dr. Zaius: If apes can be doctors, cats can, too!

Inara: If you're a Firefly fan, this is the perfect name for your out-of-this-world kitty.

Science Nerd

Are you a science nerd with a cat that displays supreme intelligence? Give your smarty cat a thinking nerd's name to match her intellect.

Newton: Pay homage to one of the most influential scientists of all time.

Comet: For nerdy kitties who are as mysterious as the cosmos!

Q: Short for quantum, it makes a great name for a smaller kitty.

Bit: Go back to computing basics with this name, short for "binary digit."

Turing: No nerd would be complete without a computer, so why not name your cat after one of the fathers of digital computing, Alan Turing?

Plato: A very fitting name for a philosophical feline.

No matter your choice, remember: Don't be afraid to let your nerd flag fly. Which funny cat names do you like best?