What Is Cat Huffing and Is It Safe?

Lady holding a cat

No, cat huffing isn't an illegal drug gone feline. People just love the scent of kitties! See whether this cute trend is for you and the kitties you love.

Have you heard of cat huffing? No, it's not an illegal street drug gone feline. Cat huffing involves burying one's face into a cat's body (usually the neck or belly) and repeatedly inhaling the kitty scent. So far, there aren't any known side effects to cat huffing, although it can be highly tantalizing, like catnip for people.

Here are just a few reasons to love this admittedly odd — but overwhelmingly cute — phenomenon of people smelling their kitties:

You Get a Kitty Cat High

Did you just run out to go smell your cat after reading that first paragraph? If you haven't already, go try it now. Cats smell delicious. Their constant self-grooming helps keep their fur clean and healthy. Their fur gives off a sweet, musky scent. It's a soothing type of smell that brings you back to lazy summer days spent sunbathing and running through the grass. No wonder cat huffing has become so addictive.

It's Healthier than Downing a Bag of Chips

You know when you're stressed and you head to the kitchen to scarf down an entire bag of chips (or whatever bad habit you have developed to deal with anxiety and tension)? Cat huffing beats that by a long shot. Spending time with your pets helps you deal with stress and may even reduce risk factors related to cardiac disease. Add that to the super-soothing scent of kitty fur and cat huffing will put you in stress-free nirvana.

Cats Love It, Too

Think your cat won't enjoy huffing? Think again! Cats love the attention. There's nothing that makes your kitty happier than a little petting and coddling from you. Just make sure your cat is in an amenable mood before you pick her up or disturb her snooze fest. Avoid huffing if she's in one of those moods. Stop sniffing when she's had enough. Be gentle and — above all else — avoid the claws.

You Don't Have to Own a Cat to Huff a Cat

Don't have a feline to call your own? That's okay! You can still partake in the benefits of cat huffing. You can borrow a friend's cat if the kitty doesn't mind. Or, visit a shelter and give those cats some much needed love and attention. Just beware: You might end up coming home with one — or three!

So, go ahead. Feel free to sniff your kitty's luscious fur. Or do you engage in cat huffing already? Tell us about it in the comments!