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Happy Tail: Four cats make a full house


Callie had been in the custody of Solano County Animal Care for about two months when Lori and Jim Franks of Fairfield, CA, adopted her in 2008. She was about a year old.

At the time, the couple had a senior cat named Gato, and the two cats became good friends. “She tried to play hide-and-seek with him,” Lori says, “but at his age he really wasn’t interested.”

Callie shows she's in a playful mood.

Callie shows she’s in a playful mood.

About eight months after adopting Callie, Gato passed away. It was obvious that Callie needed a friend, so the Franks adopted Dexter from Contra Costa Humane Society after seeing him on Petfinder. “He and Callie are buddies who love to play with cat toys,” Lori says. “They both love their treats and playing with their cookie ball, chasing their treats on the floor.”

Two’s company and three’s a crowd, right? But Henry, a neighborhood stray, seemed to want to join the family, so the Franks opened their hearts and home to him.

So if three’s a crowd, what’s one more? They adopted a Siamese mix from Cat Tails Rescue and named her Latte.

What’s four? A full house, according to Lori —  but absolutely a winning hand.

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