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Happy Tail: This cat has the life of Riley


It’s not uncommon: A female cat is abandoned when she becomes pregnant. Such was the case of Riley’s mom. Fortunately a woman took the pregnant mom in and took care of her until the kittens, including Riley, were born.

Riley the cat

Read Riley’s story in Angela’s words.

When the kittens were old enough, the woman took them to Black and Orange Cat Foundation in Plain City, OH, to be spayed or neutered. The woman took the mother cat home with her, but left the babies to be adopted. Their photos were posted on Petfinder.

That’s where Angela VanHoose, of Urbana, OH, saw Riley. Today, she says, he lives in absolute comfort. “He has never been hungry, lost or cold,” like his mom. “We keep up with two of his siblings on Facebook,” she says. “It’s nice to hear how they are very alike and yet have their own traits.”

Angela named him Riley because he is now living the “life of Riley” with her. It’s uncertain where this familiar phrase, the life of Riley, originated, but it means an easy life, according to The Phrase Finder — and that’s just what this little cat has.

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