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Happy Tail: Lola wanted a forever home, and whatever Lola wants …


Donna Demster is a cat lover, so when one of her pets passed away, she decided to visit Petfinder and adopt another. The Trimble, MO, woman had adopted from KattyShack, located in Smithville, MO, in the past, so that was her first destination on Petfinder. She wanted to see what adoptable cats were available.


“We looked at them all, but made a decision to adopt Lola because she had been there a long time and deserved a loving home,” Donna says.

And that’s what Lola got. She was immediately at home in the Demster family. “It was like she had always been ours,” her new mom says. They named her Lola Kathleen because all of their cats have middle names — the same as other members of the family.

Lola “sleeps on my daughter’s bed every night and is so calm around
my other cats… She comes up and taps your leg if she wants attention,”
Donna says.

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, and in this case, it is a loving forever

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