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Lost-Pet Reunions: Even an indoor cat can be lost



Mickey was an indoor cat who managed to get out when a repairman left a door open.

Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain.

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An Indoor Cat Gets Out – from Jessica in Simsbury, CT
My indoor cat Mickey escaped from last September when a repair man came
to my house. After months of looking and putting up posters I finally
and sadly gave up.

Six months later, in March, I got a call from
a local veterinarian. Someone had found MIckey a few months earlier,
[and when they finally] brought him to the vet … the veterinarian scanned him. My name and
contact info came up and he was home a few hours later! I am so thrilled
to have my Mickey back again, and that even though he was indoors-only,
I had him chipped. I am also thankful that this hospital scanned him. I
feel so lucky this story has a happy ending!

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