The Top Dogs for People With Allergies

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Individuals with pet allergies are not actually allergic to a specific animal’s hair, but rather to the dander that each animal sheds. Dander in furry animals is similar to dandruff in humans and even animals that do not shed fur shed dander into the environment.

The Top Dogs for People With Allergies


Many allergy specialists advise against bringing furry pets home. But for allergy sufferers with mild to moderate reactions, the emotional benefits of having a pet trump the physical discomfort or a runny nose, sneezing, or itchy eyes. Individuals with severe allergic reaction should heed their allergist’s warning and avoid adopting a furry pet.

Some Low-Allergen Breeds
If you’re one who will not be dissuaded, there are breeds that tend to produce relatively low-allergen dogs. Generally, these breeds are characterized by an assortment of coat types — very curly coated dogs (like Poodles of all sizes, Portuguese Water Dogs), hairless dogs (American Crested, Chinese Crested), corded dogs (Puli, Komondor), and wirehaired dogs (Wirehaired Fox Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier). These breeds tend to have less fur than other breeds, but more importantly, they generally shed less dander.

If you choose to bring a pet into the home despite the inevitable allergy symptoms, consult with your allergist about appropriate air filters and vacuums — clean frequently and thoroughly. Keep your dog out of the bedroom at all times. Bathe your dog once every four weeks using anti-allergenic shampoos. Ask your allergist about cleaning products that can help reduce the allergens in the home.