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“Why Train?”

Eric Gillaspy, CPDT-KA




Sometimes we humans get stuck in ruts and do things over and over, and forgetting the reason why we are doing those things. I think training our dogs can be one of those situations.  Training your dog has many benefits, which would take a long time to list.  The main reason and best benefit of training your dog is communication.

Teaching your dog some basic behaviors with positive methods makes the training a lot more fun for the dog and much more effective.  Once your dog starts to get the idea, behaviors start to be offered by the dog in order to get attention, toys, food or other valued items.  This is your dog trying to communicate its needs, wants and desires to you.

Communication is the cornerstone of relationships.  When we can communicate effectively with our canine friends, the relationship grows and gets better…..and better……and better.  It becomes a wonderful cycle and only gets better from there.  Well-trained dogs get to share more of their life with their human, and vice versa.

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