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VIDEO: Canadian PM Stephen Harper lets the public name his adopted kitten


Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, recently adopted a kitten from the Ottowa Humane Society.


Stanley poses for a photo posted to Stephen Harper’s Facebook page.

Then, in a truly democratic move, he decided to let the public name the cat. Fans of Harper’s Facebook page were asked to vote for one of six names: Smokie, Vingt-quatre, Stanley, Earl Grey, Griffin and Gandalf. One soon became the clear favorite.

“Stanley is the winning name! Thank you to those who voted,” Harper announced on Facebook in June. “We encourage everyone to adopt their animals from the many wonderful animal shelters across the country.”

On Friday, Harper posted the below video of Stanley to his Google+ page. But Stanley isn’t the only homeless pet to
benefit from Harper’s advocacy: The PM is a longtime cat foster parent who has sections on his official website about fostering pets and pet adoption (including a weekly featured adoptable pet). To which we can only say, Go, Canada!  

Tell us: Would knowing a politician adopted a pet help sway your vote?

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