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Pharaoh Hound
Pharaoh Hound

Although considered a sighthound in America, the Pharaoh Hound historically has hunted by both sight and scent—as well as hearing. The dog has an unexaggerated greyhound-like build, combining grace, power, and speed to run nimbly along rocky walls and ground. The breed has a good nose and large mobile ears that helped the dog follow animals underground. Slightly longer than tall, the gait is free and flowing, with the head held high. The coat is short and glossy.


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  • Playfulnesslevel 3 in 5

  • Activity Levellevel 0 in 5

  • Friendliness to Other Petslevel 2 in 5

  • Friendliness to Childrenlevel 0 in 5

  • Grooming Requirementslevel 1 in 5

  • Vocalitylevel 4 in 5

  • Need for attentionlevel 0 in 5

  • Affection towards ownerslevel 0 in 5

  • Docilitylevel 0 in 5

  • Intelligencelevel 0 in 5

  • Independencelevel 0 in 5

  • Hardinesslevel 0 in 5

Disclaimer: While the characteristics mentioned here may frequently represent this breed, dogs are individuals whose personalities and appearances will vary. Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet.