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Irish Wolfhound
Irish Wolfhound

The tallest of the sighthounds, the Irish Wolfhound resembles a rough-coated Greyhound, although of more powerful build. Great size has been especially valued in the breed. This combination of speed, power, and size enabled the Irish Wolfhound to run down and overpower large prey. Despite its size, the breed is gracefully built, with an easy and active gait and a proudly held head. The rough coat, which provides protection against the cold and damp, is especially wiry and long over the eyes and under the jaw.


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  • Playfulnesslevel 1 in 5

  • Activity Levellevel 0 in 5

  • Friendliness to Other Petslevel 3 in 5

  • Friendliness to Childrenlevel 0 in 5

  • Grooming Requirementslevel 3 in 5

  • Vocalitylevel 3 in 5

  • Need for attentionlevel 0 in 5

  • Affection towards ownerslevel 0 in 5

  • Docilitylevel 0 in 5

  • Intelligencelevel 0 in 5

  • Independencelevel 0 in 5

  • Hardinesslevel 0 in 5

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