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Evacuating Your Home In Disasters

Plan ahead for a safe place to take your pets. Doing your research in advance will save you precious time when you and your pets have to evacuate. Keep a list of:

Evacuating Your Home In Disasters


  • Friends/relatives who would be willing to host your pets in their homes. Provide them with all the necessary supplies and information on your pet’s care needs and daily habits.
  • Pet-friendly hotels/motels in the areas to which you would most likely go. You can find lists on:
  • Boarding, grooming and veterinary facilities that may offer boarding in emergencies. Check the yellow pages, Internet, Better Business Bureau and ABKA (a trade association of pet care professionals) for lists of boarding facilities. If possible, get referrals from friends and your vet. For locating a licensed vet, use Merial’s Vet Locator.
  • Local animal shelters prepared to provide emergency shelter for displaced pets. Government-run shelters will be listed in the blue pages of the phone book, non-profit animal shelters in the yellow pages. Ask if they will accept owned animals for emergency boarding and what policies and procedures will be in place to operate this type of emergency animal shelter.

When an evacuation order has been issued, act quickly and leave as soon as possible.

  1. Bring your pets indoors and make sure they are wearing collars with identification tags.
  2. Put dogs on leashes and place small pets in their carriers.
  3. Load your evacuation kit and supplies into your vehicle and call your prearranged animal evacuation site to confirm availability of space.

Note: If you go to a public shelter, you can’t take your pets with you.

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