Low Shedding Dog Breeds

Portuguese Water Dog

Note: While the breeds in this collection tend to be low shedding breeds, individual pets will vary.  Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet.

Are you interested in a dog but hesitating from the idea of fur everywhere? Pet bonding doesn't have to end with lint rollers or sneezing fits! There are a variety of dogs that don’t shed and can make life easier for allergy suffers!

Keep in mind, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic but the following dogs have low shedding or non-shedding coats that produce significantly less dander (found in pet hair) and may cause fewer allergy symptoms. Here's a look at which dogs shed the least.


1. Portuguese Water Dog

Life span: 10-14 years

Looking for dog breeds that don’t shed much? What about Portuguese Water Dogs? These curly, no-shed dogs are sociable, sensitive and respond well to direction, making them great for families with children and other animals.

It’s the perfect breed for an active person seeking an adventurous yet affectionate partner. The Portuguese Water Dog’s ancestors were herding dogs from Central Asia, then Portugal, and became known for their attraction to water. They were used for herding fish into nets and even retrieving lost equipment.

The breed is known in their native land as “cao de agua,” which means “dog of water.”

Grooming Tip: The Portuguese Water Dog’s wavy coat requires routine brushing and trimming to avoid tangling.


2. Poodle

Life span: 10-13 years

When looking for dogs that don’t shed much, many dog-lovers have added a Poodle to their family. The Poodle originated in Germany but gained popularity in Europe, becoming well known in the high fashion world. The Poodle is even the national dog of France.

These intelligent dogs were historically used as retrievers and spent lots of time outdoors. In fact, the word “poodle” comes from the German word “pudel,” meaning “to splash in the water,” reflecting their love of swimming and outdoors.

Poodles’ distinguishing haircuts were designed for practical reasons. Their thick coat gets heavy when wet, so owners began shaving their lower half to help dogs progress in swimming.

The hair along the chest and head remained long to keep dog’s vital organs warm in cold waters. Poodle’s ankle hair was left to protect joints, and the topknot was used to keep long hair out of the eyes when swimming.

Grooming Tip: Regular scissoring should be implemented, as well as weekly grooming with a brush and the occasional bath will keep them clean and looking great.


3. Bichon Frisé

Life span: 12-15 years

Stylish and practical, the beautifully coiled white coat of a Bichon Frisé does not shed much and produces little dander. These perky pups have a happy-go-lucky temperament and are friendly toward all people and animals.

They are eager to cuddle and can be vocal but it’s just their way of striking up a chat with their favorite humans. “Bichon Frisé” means “Curly Lap Dog” in French, but they were historically sailors’ companion dogs and love water.

Although perfect lap dogs, they are still active and need daily exercise. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic small pet, this could be your new companion!

Grooming Tip: Their white powder-puff coat needs brushing and combing every other day, plus scissoring and trimming every two months. They are non-shedding dogs, but the loose hairs become entangled in the coat and can mat.


4. Yorkshire Terrier

Life span: 14-16 years

They say big things come in small packages, that rings true for the Yorkshire Terrier. Despite their modest size they were historically bred to work in Yorkshire, England, hence their namesake.

Oblivious of their small stature, these dogs are always eager for adventure. Yorkies are busy and very inquisitive. Although some tend to be vocal, they can find other ways to express themselves through positive training.

Yorkies are perfectly suited to exercise within the home but also need to have stimulation through games or personal interaction. They appreciate a short walk outdoors on leash and enjoy the chance to safely explore.

Grooming Tip – Yorkshire Terriers’ signature long coat needs brushing or combing every couple days.


5. Chinese Crested

Life span: 13 – 15 years

These distinctive dogs are iconically known for their hairless, spotted look, but they can also sport a long haired, full coat. Regardless of which you choose, both shed very little and are considered hypoallergenic breeds. If you’re looking for truly non-shedding dog breeds, the hairless Chinese Crested is a great option.

The Chinese Crested is a playful yet gentle lap dog and sensitive companion. They are people pleasers, devoted to family. Cresteds are also good with other pets and strangers due to their happy attitude. Chinese Crested dogs are excellent jumpers and some even climb.

The Crested enjoys the outdoors, except when it’s cold. They are small enough that they can sufficient exercise with vigorous inside games. Hairless varieties will need a sweater for cold-weather outings.

Grooming Tip – Long-haired Chinese Cresteds require brushing every day or two, while hairless Cresteds need regular skin care with moisturizer or sunblock


6. Schnauzer

Life span: 12-14 years

Look into the eyes of a Miniature Schnauzer and see why they’re one of the most popular terrier breeds! The name “Schnauzer” means “small beard,” which is quite fitting.

But contrary to their senior appearance, Schnauzers are spunky, inquisitive and love to play, making them ideal companions. They are well-mannered dogs who are patient with children and enjoy being included in group activities.

If you choose a larger Schnauzer, they larger size lends itself well to service dogs. The Schnauzer first appeared in the 1800s as a small, German farming animal.

The miniature came to America long after the standard and giant Schnauzers were present. But after World War II, the miniature gained more interest, becoming the third-most popular breed in America at one point.

Grooming Tip  Their wired coat needs combing once or twice weekly but doesn’t shed and is another hypoallergenic favorite.


7. Shih Tzu

Life span: 10-16 years

Their names might be hard to pronounce, but they are easy to love! These loyal and friendly dogs are often pronounced as “SHEET-zoo” by Americans; however, the original Chinese pronunciation is “sure-ds.”

Their name has Chinese Mandarin roots and means “lion dog,” which is spot-on for their longer-haired look. This breed is very affectionate and loves family but can become nervous around small children without proper introductions.

Grooming Tip: Shih Tzus don’t shed, making them potentially making them ideal companions for those with allergies. However, regular grooming is important, because their hair can get tangled and matted quickly as it grows.


8. Brussels Griffon

Life Span: 10-15 Years

Besides Ewok comparisons, Brussels Griffons are known for how observant and smart they are, as well as friendly. They also make excellent pets for families with.

This breed is lively, intelligent and sensitive. While comfortable in smaller living spaces, they still need daily walks. The smooth-coated variety requires very little care other than seasonal raking of the undercoat.

The rough-coated variety requires more care and more frequent attention to grooming. Brussels Griffon is a toy dog, named for their city of origin: Brussels, Belgium. But you don’t have to travel so far to adopt – see our adoptable Brussels Griffons below.

Grooming Tip: These hypoallergenic dogs shed hardly at all. Their coat comes in two varieties – rough and smooth.


9. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Life Span: 12-15 years

Known for their super soft and silky, wheaten-colored coat, these happy dogs are too cuddly to resist. They originated more than 200 years ago in Ireland as all-purpose, confident farm dogs that adapt well to any environment.

This active bread needs daily exercise and enough energy to entertain children. They are intelligent dogs, known for their skills in agility, obedience, tracking and even animal-therapy.

Grooming Tip: Though their coat sheds only a little, regular grooming is necessary to prevent matting.


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