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Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc

Donalsonville, GA

Our Mission

ARA's mission is to create a safe place where unwanted animals in Miller and Seminole counties can be brought, and readied for adoption or transport. We support a strong spay/neuter program, and will not euthanize for space.

Adoption Policy

We encourage potential adopters who see our animals online to reach out to us with any questions and if possible, come in to visit the animal in person. We ask them to fill out a short written questionnaire to aid with "matchmaking" and complete a short oral interview. If we feel the adopter and animal are the right fit for one another, we then move forward to filling out adoption paperwork and receiving adoption fees. If the animal is not yet altered due to age or other underlying condition, the potential adopter must foster-to-adopt, with adoption completed after time of surgery.

We welcome rescues to assist, please inquire about any animals of interest, transport may be found.

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