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Welcome to Happily Ever After

Congratulations on your furry addition! We’re so excited you found each other, and can’t wait to help you get settled in. As you both adjust to your new life together, you’re sure to have a few questions along the way. Browse our articles below or use the categories to the right to help find the answers you need.

No Time to Volunteer? No Problem!

We understand how busy lives are these days, and know it’s hard to find extra time. If you can’t volunteer, but still want to do something to help other pets, consider finding a shelter or organization that would benefit most from your donation.

Help Even More Cats by Volunteering

While your new cat is so lucky to have the rest of her life with you, many other cats would benefit from just a few hours of your time. If your home is full, but you still want to help adoptable cats, consider volunteering. It’ll touch many lives, including your own.

When to Switch Cat Food

It can be tough to know when you need to switch your cat’s food. From transitioning from kitten to adult food, to finding a food for a specific need, we’ll help take the mystery out of switching food.

Leaving Your Feline Family in Good Hands

Whether you’re leaving for a night or for several weeks, you’ll want to rest assured your beloved cat is being well cared for while you’re gone. We’ll share what to look for (and what to beware of) when searching for the right caretaker.

How to Help Bring Out Your Cat’s Social Side

Cats have quite the reputation for being antisocial. Shy by nature, their trademark aloofness is a trait to be admired, but there are a few things you can do to help you cat feel more comfortable when guests come over.

Why Balanced Nutrition Matters

All good owners want to provide the right nutrition for their cats. You’ve done your research and found a food match, so the hard work is over, right? Maybe. Learn why nutrition matters – and how your cat’s needs may change over time.

It’s Time to Call the Vet When…

Sometimes, a cat’s behavior can indicate more than boredom or aloofness. Let us help you watch for signs that your cat is trying to tell you she’s just not feeling so great.

Correcting Your Cat’s Bad Habits

Jumping on counters. Lying on freshly-washed laundry. Sometimes, our feline counterparts develop some rather pesky (although hilarious) habits. Some of these are just in their nature, but with the right approach, you may be able to redirect your cat’s energy to develop better habits you both enjoy.

Master the Basics of Litter Box Training

As your cat settles in to her new environment, make the transition as stress-free (and mess-free) as possible by making it easy to find and use the litter box. From set up to placement to maintenance, these simple tips will help you both feel at ease and keep litter box woes to a minimum.

Making Introductions

Discovering a new environment is a big task for a small animal. Make meeting her new family less overwhelming for your cat with these tips.

Feeding Time

Choosing the right nutrition for your cat can be an overwhelming task. Put our expertise to work for you.

Scratch That, Not This

Cats can be notorious for their love of scratching, but remember that scratching is simply a natural instinct they were born with. Use these tips to help show your cat where it’s okay to scratch – and how to save your favorite furniture, curtains or surfaces by making them undesirable.

Troubleshooting Litter Box Training

Sometimes it takes more than the basics to help your cat adjust to her new surroundings. Be patient and understand this time is stressful for her, but don’t give up. We have a few more tricks to help stop accidents and get her back to the box for good.

Make Your Home Feline Friendly

Do you ever come home to find your cat in weird places? Cats like to be up high, or in warm spots, or secure inside a drawer or box. Help her feel completely at home with a little catification around the house.

Enrich Your Cat’s Life

When they aren’t enjoying cat naps in sunbeams, cats can be quite mischievous by nature. Pique their curiosity in healthy ways with these tips for enrichment. You’ll find your cat is even happier when she’s got something beside clean laundry to keep her interested.

Keep Your Cat at a Healthy Weight

Adult cats can sleep an average of 16-20 hours a day. That only leaves a handful of hours to get the activity they need to stay at an ideal body condition. Maintaining a healthy weight can help your cat live a healthy, happy nine lives, so here are some tips to help.

How You Can Help with Cat Grooming

When she’s not napping, you’ll often see your cat grooming herself. Cats are usually pretty darn good at this task, but even an expert groomer could use a hand from time to time. Here’s the proper way to help groom your cat.

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