Calming Dogs With Thundershirts

Thunder shirt Dog

Chewy, my exuberant and incredibly friendly Corgi?/Cattle Dog?/Basenji? mix  loves, loves, LOVES to shower all who enter our house with his special brand of Chewy affection. Although he’s very sweet, Chew’s excitement over seeing his friends can sometimes become a bit over the top as he decides that many times the best way to say “Hello!!” is to jump up and on our visitors.  In my quest to help him become more calm and polite towards those who dare enter our apartment, my thoughts turned towards our friends at Thundershirt.

So many people have had success calming their dogs and cats with Thundershirts, I wondered if it would also work for my little flying buddy Chew.  Chewy is a front leg amputee and often has a problem wearing any harness-type devices as he lacks the shoulder that normally helps keep them in place.  Most of them just end up spinning around on him and really aren't useful.  I was worried that perhaps the Thundershirt would not fit him properly to be snug enough to have the calming effect other pets had experienced.  I decided to give it a try anyway and was totally happy to be so totally wrong!  Not only did it fit him perfectly, he looks stunningly handsome in it as well ;)  A great option for three-legged pets too!