Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

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If you’re thinking about sharing fruit with your dog this summer and wondering can dogs eat peaches, the answer is yes. The one exception of peaches for dogs is that the stone, or pit in the center, must be removed before serving. The stone in fruit is not only toxic but also a choking hazard.

When can dogs have peaches?

Peaches are safe for dogs to have without the pit, leaves and stem if those are still attached. Like many stone fruit, the peach pit is a health risk to your dog but it is safe to serve your dog the peach flesh of the fruit in moderation.

This hard center stone is made up of amygdalin, a toxic compound that contains cyanide. Toxicity is just one of the many dangers of peach pits for dogs.

1. The hard center damages or breaks a dog’s teeth, causing painful fractures into the nerves.

2. Seeds are a choking hazard for your dog, no matter the size of the pit.

3. The rigid, sharp texture of the kernel scrapes and tears the lining of the throat and stomach.

4. Ingested pits cause blockages in the bowel and intestine, requiring surgery for removal.

5. Stones contain trace amounts of hydrogen cyanide that can poison a dog.

6. Moldy fruit can cause gastrointestinal upset, liver failure or seizures in worst cases.

7. Rotting pits can be disguised inside healthy-looking fruit causing diarrhea and stomach upset.

8. Spoiled fruit ferments and changes the sugar into alcohol that has a bad effect on dogs.

9. Peaches and pits are both high in fiber and sugar and should be shared in moderation.

Are peaches safe for dogs: Signs of cyanide toxicity

Unlike watermelon or strawberries, stone fruits including cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches can be bad for dogs if they still have the pit, stems, and leaves. If your dog accidentally ingests these parts of the fruit, keep an eye on him for any changes in behavior.

Should your dog begin to show the following signs of peach pit toxicity, contact a veterinarian for a recommendation on next steps.

  • Dilated pupils
  • Appetite loss
  • Severe panting
  • Gagging
  • Red gums
  • Vomiting
  • Regurgitation
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Abdominal pain
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea

How to prepare peaches for a dog

Can dogs have peaches whole or sliced up is a good question that pet parents ask. It’s totally safe to share a slice of two of juicy peach with your pup.

Just remember that before introducing any human food that is safe for dogs, always speak to your veterinarian first about how much and how often is ok for your dog to have it. Peaches or any fruit included!

Most experts recommend only giving a dog one or two slices of a peach occasionally. To make peaches safe for dogs to enjoy, follow these easy steps of preparation.

1. Take off the stem.

2. Remove all leaves.

3. Wash the outside of the fruit well.

4. Cut the peach in half.

5. Dig the pit or stone in the center out, and trash it.

6. Cut the halves into 1-inch diameter slices or small chunks.

7. Freeze to serve later or share a fresh slice or two with your pup.

8. Alternatively, add a couple of chunks to his food at mealtime as a treat.

9. Always keep an eye on your dog’s behavior after he has tried new foods as it can cause an upset stomach.

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