Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

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Avocado is good for dogs and safe for dogs to eat as a treat. To enjoy together: remove the outer skin, slice in half, take out the pit, serve. Dogs can eat avocado because it’s packed with good sources of vitamin E and B6 to support skin, muscles and more.

Is avocado safe for dogs?

Avocado is not only safe for dogs but it’s healthy too! However, just like any human foods safe to give a dog, only share this tasty snack in moderation. One dog serving of avocado should be no more than a slice that’s cut up into pieces, which contains healthy fats and vitamins that are rich in dietary antioxidants to fight off free radicals in the skin and other cells.

10 Avocado health benefits

  1. Builds muscles
  2. Strengthens hair
  3. Good for nails
  4. Protects the immune system
  5. Maintains heart health
  6. Supports liver function
  7. Benefits enzymes health
  8. Nourishes skin and coat
  9. Supports growth hormones
  10. Defends nerve cell membranes

When Avocados are bad for dogs: how to plan for emergencies

Pits from avocados are bad for dogs and can be a choking hazard that causes an obstruction in the intestine, throat, and stomach. If a dog ingests a whole avocado, contact a veterinarian immediately.

Pet parents should always have access to the basics such as pet first aid and CPR skills, which could make all the difference, and a well-prepared pet emergency first aid kit readily available.

While avocado contains persin, which is a pet poison that can be easily avoided by many large animals and is particularly dangerous to birds, dogs and cats are relatively immune. However, the bark, leaves, and pit are not good for dogs as they include toxins. Never allow your dog or cat to ingest the skin, pit, bark or leaves from the avocado tree.

 What to do in a dog emergency

If your dog is choking, open his mouth to see if you can dislodge the object.

If you’re unable to remove the item with your fingers, follow these steps and perform this adapted American Kennel Club version of the Heimlich maneuver safe for dogs.

Locate the source of exposure, you may be looking for left-over avocado bits on the floor.

-  Collect a sample of evidence if possible. Your veterinarian may need it later.

Check to see how much of the avocado your dog has consumed. It may be more than one.

-  Evaluate your dog’s current state. Is he alert? Is he lethargic? Is his breathing labored?

If your dog is unable to get up, do not move your dog without veterinarian advice.

-  Do not prompt pets to purge whatever has been swallowed without checking with a veterinarian.

-  Call your veterinarian immediately for a recommendation on how to proceed.

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