Pet-Adoption FAQs

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Thank you for adopting a pet! We’re here to help you every step of the way from “just looking” at over 300,000 adoptable pets, to bringing your pet home, to living a long and happy life with your new family member.


The following links will take you to some of the most frequently asked questions about adopting a pet that you see on Petfinder. If you can’t find the answer below, please contact us (see the bottom of this page) with any additional questions you have.

How Can I Adopt a Pet?

  • How Do I Meet a Pet I See On Petfinder?
  • How Can I Tell If a Rescue Group Is Real or a Scam?
  • Can I Give a Pet As a Gift?
  • Can I Save My Search or Be Notified When New Pets Are Available?

Is The Pet I See On Petfinder Still Adoptable?

  • How Often Is Petfinder Updated?

How Can I Adopt a Pet I See On Petfinder?

  • Does Contacting the Adoption Group Put The Pet on Hold?
  • Am I Applying to Petfinder?
  • How Will I Know If I’ve Been Approved to Adopt a Pet?
  • How Long Will It Take to Hear Back From The Adoption Group?

What Are The Requirements For Adopting A Pet?

  • Can I Adopt a Pet Who’s Out of State?
  • Will There Be An Adoption Fee?
  • Why Do Shelters and Rescue Groups Charge Adoption Fees?

Why Haven’t I Heard Back From the Adoption Group?

Why Wasn’t I Selected to Adopt?

How Do I Make a Complaint About a Shelter or Rescue Group?

Do you still have a question? Contact us here and we’ll be happy to help. Thank you for your patience and helping an adoptable pet find a forever home!