Sponsor a Pet Program FAQs

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The Sponsor a Pet Program makes it easy to help a pet in need. On any pet’s profile, look for the “Sponsor Me” button. Then simply click to donate directly to that pet’s care.

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Have more questions? Check out our FAQ below or Contact the Petfinder Foundation directly for more information.

How Does the Program Work?
Your donation sponsors the cost of the pet’s shelter and care until they find a forever home. Donations are collected by the Petfinder Foundation and kept for the designated shelter. Once a quarter, these donations are distributed to the shelter, less 10 percent for administrative fees. Petfinder.com keeps no part of your donation.

Is My Donation One-Time or Recurring?
Sponsor a Pet donations are one-time donations.

What If I Donate to a Group that Doesn’t Participate in Sponsor a Pet?
If you donate on behalf of a homeless pet who is being cared for by an organization that does not participate in the Sponsor A Pet program, 100 percent of your donation will go to the Petfinder Foundation. The Petfinder Foundation will use your donation to provide grants to shelters and rescues so that they can better care for their homeless pets.

Will a Shelter or Rescue Group Be Given My Information?
If you wish to stay anonymous, you can select the option when making your donation. Otherwise, the contact information you provide will be shared with the participating rescue or shelter and the Petfinder Foundation. Your credit card information will NEVER be shared.

What is the Petfinder Foundation?
The Petfinder Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity, that helps homeless pets by saving lives through adoptions, helping shelters prepare for and recover from disaster, and working to make sure animal welfare organizations across the country are more sustainable. Their mission is to ensure no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home. Since 2003 the foundation has provided over $20 million in grants to animal welfare organizations and Petfinder.com member shelters and rescue groups.