Q&A: How do I stop my dog from tearing up my blankets?

Q: How do we stop our 2-year-old adopted Vizsla-Collie-Lab mix from dragging out the blankets and tearing them apart? We have had her for three months and she is just a sweetheart otherwise! -- Judith W.

Andrea Arden, CPDT at Andrea Arden Dog Training in New York City, writes:
I had a Dobie who was obsessed with chewing and sucking on her blankets. I worked on helping her refocus her attention to food-stuffed chew toys instead. But it did take some extra-inventive stuffing techniques. Just putting dry kibble in them wasn't enough to distract her from her blankets.

I would suggest you become equally creative.

After the jump: Find out what you can offer your dog that will be more fun to chew than your blankets.

  • Toys that are great for stuffing include Linkables treat-dispensing puzzle toys and Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treats. I also like the Bob-a-lot, but it is solely for dry food.
  • Stuff a toy with a layer of her normal food, then a few carrots or other veggies, then something tasty, such as a tiny bit of cheese.
  • Put the toys in spots where she has to "hunt" for them -- all the better to keep her busy!


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