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German Wirehaired Pointers
German Wirehaired Pointers

A sturdily built dog, the German Wirehaired Pointer should be able to hike all day through all types of terrain. The weather-resistant, straight wiry coat is an essential breed characteristic. The outer coat is about 1 to 2 inches long, long enough to protect against brambles but not so long that the outline of the dog is obscured. The eyebrows, beard, and whiskers are of medium length. The undercoat is thick in winter for warmth but thin in summer. The coat repels water.


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  • Playfulnesslevel 4 in 5

  • Activity Levellevel 0 in 5

  • Friendliness to Other Petslevel 3 in 5

  • Friendliness to Childrenlevel 0 in 5

  • Grooming Requirementslevel 3 in 5

  • Vocalitylevel 5 in 5

  • Need for attentionlevel 0 in 5

  • Affection towards ownerslevel 0 in 5

  • Docilitylevel 0 in 5

  • Intelligencelevel 0 in 5

  • Independencelevel 0 in 5

  • Hardinesslevel 0 in 5

Disclaimer: While the characteristics mentioned here may frequently represent this breed, dogs are individuals whose personalities and appearances will vary. Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet.

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