A unique combination of Mastiff and gazehound features, the Akbash Dog’s characteristics enable him to perform as a livestock guardian. This all-white, lean, leggy, muscular dog has an alert, regal appearance conveying power, strength and courage with the speed and agility necessary to challenge and chase predators. His wedge-shaped head is adorned with pendant ears and long tail is curled over his back when moving or excited. Like other gazehounds, the Akbash Dog is characterized by his long legs, deep chest and tucked flank; the breed’s Mastiff influence is found in his height, weight, broad head and powerful appearance.


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  • Playfulnesslevel 2 in 5

  • Activity Levellevel 0 in 5

  • Friendliness to Other Petslevel 3 in 5

  • Friendliness to Childrenlevel 0 in 5

  • Grooming Requirementslevel 3 in 5

  • Vocalitylevel 4 in 5

  • Need for attentionlevel 0 in 5

  • Affection towards ownerslevel 0 in 5

  • Docilitylevel 0 in 5

  • Intelligencelevel 0 in 5

  • Independencelevel 0 in 5

  • Hardinesslevel 0 in 5

Disclaimer: While the characteristics mentioned here may frequently represent this breed, dogs are individuals whose personalities and appearances will vary. Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet.