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Report says spayed and neutered pets live longer


Neutered and spayed dogs and cats live longer, according to the 2013 State of Pet Health Report, released by Banfield Pet Hospital, the world’s largest veterinary practice.

brown and white dog

Patrick is a neutered, adoptable Boxer mix at Lexington (KY) Humane Society.

  • Neutered male cats live 62 percent longer than unneutered ones.
  • Spayed female cats live 39 percent longer than unspayed ones.
  • Neutered male dogs live 18 percent longer than unneutered ones.
  • Spayed female dogs live 24 percent longer than unsprayed ones.

Montana is a good place to live if you want your pet to have a long life span, according to the report’s findings among its clients. Cats in Colorado, Rhode Island, Illinois and Nebraska and dogs in South Dakota, Oregon, New Mexico and Colorado also have the longest lifespans among the states.

Dogs and cats in Lousiana and Mississippi aren’t so lucky. Both states have pets with the shortest life spans. The states with the shortest life spans for cats and dogs also have more unspayed and unneutered dogs.

One interesting part of the study is that it is interactive. You can check out an overview of Banfield clients’ diagnoses, pet names and other data for your own state. The size of the sample seems formidable with 2,189,995 dogs and 456,717 cats, but when checking out the statistics, it’s well to keep in mind that they are all Banfield clients. With dogs, for instance, 51% of the ones they see are toy or small dogs under 20 lbs. It’s not apparent whether that matches the population stats of pet breeds nationwide, but it could skew results in some cases.  And some pets don’t get veterinary care at all, unfortunately.  But there’s lots of good data to view.

It’s always fun to read lists of most popular names. Within the Banfield dog client base, the most popular names were

  • Bella
  • Max
  • Buddy
  • Daisy
  • Coco

For cats, most popular names were

  • Kitty
  • Bella
  • Tiger
  • Max
  • Smokey

This report is one more wake-up call for getting your pet spayed or neutered, and it makes interesting perusing as well. Want to learn more about the benefits of neutering your pet? Read our blog post about the recent study released showing that neutered dogs live longer.

Tell us: Why do you think pets in certain states live longer than in other states?

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