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Q&A: Help! My dog’s farts are stinking me out!


Steve Dale is host of the nationally syndicated radio show Steve Dale’s Pet World and The Pet Minute with Steve Dale. His column, My Pet World
(in which this post originally appeared) is carried in more than 100
newspapers nationwide. Steve also serves on the board of directors for
the American Humane Association.


Senior gal Bethany is at Tontitown’s
Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas.

Q: Flatulence is the problem for my 12-year-old Pug. It’s a heavy ammonia-like smell which he’s been giving off lately. He likes to sleep above my head, so you can understand why this is a problem. My husband just turns around and laughs.

My dog eats wet food with a bit of cooked chicken breast. What can we do? — K.U., Las Vegas

A: Are you sure it’s the dog? Maybe there’s another explanation for your husband’s amusement.

Ask any veterinarian about a Pug with flatulence, and the answer will be, “Well, he’s a Pug, isn’t he?”
However, Dr. Kenny Simpson, internal medicine specialist and a professor of small animal medicine at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, NY, is concerned about that ammonia smell.

“Often that’s a signal that there may be kidney disease going on,” he says. “Please see your veterinarian.”

If your Pug’s health checks out, Simpson says you can try:

  • Adding soluble fiber, such as canned pumpkin, to your dog’s diet
  • Not giving him any table snacks, with all family members participating in the program
  • Listening for tummy gurgling — this may signal your vet to what’s
    going on

If the overnight stink bombs don’t subside, it may
simply be typical “pugitiude.” If that’s the case, the only prescription
from your vet may be nose plugs.

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Tell us: Does your dog ever stink you out?

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