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Post-Adoption Checklist for New Adopters

Congratulations on adopting your new pet! Petfinder is here to help you and your new pet enjoy a great life together. We’ve compiled helpful discounts, advice and resources for you, all geared to help pets and pet parents form a strong bond to keep pets in their homes.


Microchip and register your pet
HomeAgain microchips are designed to last your pet’s entire lifetime. When you register your new pet’s microchip you give him or her the best chance of returning home if lost. Registration of any microchip is only $10.99 for the life of the pet, and you will receive the first year of HomeAgain’s Lost Pet Recovery Service for free (over a $60 value).

Get your pet used to his new home
Moving to a new home can be stressful. ThunderShirt for dogs and cats helps to relieve your pet’s anxiety and calms him down in stressful situations. Over 80% of ThunderShirt users report significant improvement in pet-anxiety symptoms.

Learn more about the important first 30 Days After Adoption
Petfinder isn’t just here to help you find a new best friend, we’re here for all stages of pet parenthood.  Visit the Dog, Cat and Pet Care sections of to find tips for the first 30 days with your pet, training videos and advice, ways to avoid or combat common pet problems and more – all to help you enjoy life with your new pet.

Tell us your Happy Tail!
Add your new pet’s adoption story to the Petfinder Happy Tails section. You’ll celebrate with other recent adopters and get to encourage other people to adopt a pet!

Petfinder wishes you and your new best friend a very happy life together.

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