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The Purrfect Catch Foundation

South San Francisco, CA

Our Mission

At The Purrfect Catch, our mission is to educate, promote, and facilitate the humane treatment and management of feral homeless cat colonies on the San Francisco Peninsula in California and Charlotte, North Carolina communities. We work as a small group of volunteers using 100% of donations invested for the care of homeless cats and colonies. The cats and their welfare are our primary objectives. As a small, nonprofit organization, we provide trapping, neuter/spay, return or relocate (TNR) services to companies and residents located on the San Francisco Peninsula, CA and Charlotte, NC communities.

Adoption Policy

We meet with all potential adopters in person asking them questions about where they live (rent or own), if renting that they have landlord approval for a pet, who they'd use for vacation and vet care, what they would do if they could no longer keep the feline, inquire about past pets. The Purrfect Catch uses a foster to adopt process to help confirm it's a 100% love match with both the humans and any existing household animals. We have a 100% return policy at any time. We also view the person's online presence and do a Zoom/FaceTime meeting to so their home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets