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Pet Tips for Independence Day

Jacque Schultz, CPDT, Senior Director, Community Outreach, ASPCA

Many household pets get very nervous the week or so before Independence Day as the streets and backyards ring out with more and more fire crackers and M-80s. To put your pet more at ease, consider the following:

Pet Tips for Independence Day


  • If your pet usually spends a good bit of time in the backyard, be aware of neighborhood pranksters throwing firecrackers over your fence to frighten your pet.
  • Keep your pets indoors with the windows closed and air conditioner running or a radio on to help mask out as much noise as possible.
  • Allow your pets the freedom to seek refuge under the bed, behind the toilet or in the back of the closet without dragging them out to stroke them and murmur “it’s okay.” For many animals, that well-meant reassurance is the first step in establishing a serious phobia.
  • If your pet gets especially stressed or your neighborhood is particularly noisy, you may wish to talk to your veterinarian about the practicality of using tranquilizers or homeopathic remedies such as rock rose, mimulus or rescue remedy. In severe cases, you might consider sending your pet to a nice quiet country boarding kennel for the worst of it.
  • And lastly, your dog really doesn’t want to accompany you to the local park to view the fireworks extravaganza. He would most likely prefer a nice quiet walk with you after the festivities have ended.

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